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Current Residence: Oh ____ Our Home and Native Land. Wild guess, anyone?
Favourite genre of music: Jpop/Jrock. C'mon people. You KnOW it's true.
hello one and all
after a long hiatus here we are again

most recent developpements:

The new CC Logo has been decided, a digitized version is on it's way ^o^

Christmas Cards:  
All designs were accepted ^u^ thank you to those who submitted!
There will be an orientation for those who will be selling next week this coming Monday.  Also those interested in helping to paste messages, fold cards and delivery please attend this meeting as well.

X-mas card project heads:
Advertising: Kyla
Treasurer: Michelle

As we only have 4 months handed in, the december deadline is no longer a realistic goal.  Plan B: make school-year calendars to be sold sometime later in the year (spring/summer)

Anime Theatre:
There will be an update next Tuesday from Liza and Suzanne regarding the status of rooms and teacher sponsors.  Anime suggestions would be much appreciated, as with DVD contributions XD

CC now has a host and a webmaster.  Thank you kindly Venus!  At this moment a body of work must be compiled before anything can be done so feel free to submit any artwork that you would like to share.  Also any page suggestions (eg. member's gallery, club events etc.) or general comments can be directed to the CC email.

Questions, comments, suggestions and constructive critisicm please leave a message or email us @
See you all next week
CC Admin.

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xWish Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2008
OMG CC05~ That was soo long ago haha
Nincil Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2005
Ermm hey~ this is Alice......O.O just checked out our domain today....but why is my comic under Rachel T.'s name?.........other than that...great job everyone~ on the calendar and all~
CC05 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2005
sheeena the file that I received is still in a strange .tiff format, maybe my computer is converting it somehow?? could you try again? and I also have a profile that reads "long time no see" but I cannot remember who it's sry could someone please tell me?
Jhas777 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2005  Professional General Artist
Oh, ComicClub...
nice... this brings me so much memories of my high school's club.

It was so cool... we hanged around thogeter all day after classes and did so many things, I used to play so much Dungeons and Dragons back then.... Ha hahaha!

Keep it up!
CC05 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2005
GO Dungeons and Dragons!! feeling nostalgic, hru hru.
(Reminds me of Yu-Gi-Oh....0,o)
moral support is mucho appreciated
thank you:D, CC will do it's best yeah!^^
Jhas777 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2005  Professional General Artist
D&D reminds you of Yu GI Oh and NOT the other way 'round? O_o

Oh my...

oh my :faint:
CC05 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2005
aiya..*brings out smelling salts* no need to faint. I did not mean it THAT way^^;
(1 Reply)
CC05 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2005
hi hi
tried to submit the Ikada's CClogo.. apparently the "CMYK JPEG" isn't supported by web browsers -_- I can't convert it either. er thinking that it could be our "featured deviation for now...
what do you think?
Ikada Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2005
*flying tears*
i love you love you LOVE YOU!!!!
*flying kisses* :blowkiss:

*sob*....thanks........ X)
Aikasu Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2005
Where's the art?
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